Freecom Firmware

My old website had some firmware for freecom usb tv sticks.  As I am still getting hits on those URLs, so I have redirected them to this page and put links to all the files I have below.

So if you are using the old url – you have probably ended up here rather than downloaded the file you hoped for. If you need to know this url, then it is

I can’t remember precisely what these files are, but here they are nevertheless

I hope they are useful

3 Responses to Freecom Firmware

  1. Arvind says:
    I'm so glad you have saved these files here and indeed they are useful. Been looking for those everywhere. Thanks a ton :)
  2. thomas says:
    Thanks a lot! helped me a lot installing a quickstick basic in my SuSe Linux :-) greetings from cologne!
  3. Robbie says:
    Cheers dude got the Freecomm DVB-T tuner working on a raspberry pi with tvheadend

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