Most of the software that I have developed is available under the GNU General Public Licence. In order to make it freely available to everyone I publish it in a public Git Repository. As of January 2012 this is now located at GITHUB

There a four major applications that I have so far developed (they are all Ajax oriented with PHP at the server and Javascript, used in conjunction with the Mootools framework for the client).  Fuller descriptions of each application may be found on my Key Software Applications Page

  • AirHockey;  This is a full simulation of an Air Hockey game
  • AKCMoney; A personal and small business finance application.
  • MBBall; This is an American Football Results Picking Competition Manager.
  • MBChat; This is a multi-room chat application

In developing these major applications, it was necessary to develop some supporting facilities. (more detail shortly)

  • Calendar; This is a simplified (and also slightly more out of date) version of the calendar in use in MBBall.  It supports one or several calendars on a single page and it is possible for you to specify earliest and latest dates that can be entered into each calendar and whether or not these dates can overlap with the other calendars in the group.
  • Coordinator; With multiple security issues having to be resolved independently, MBChat required a mechanism to co-ordinate the completion of several activities before proceeding to the next stage.  This mootools class provides that co-ordination.
  • ncop; Any long running process inside a browser has to be careful that the browser does not complain that the script is too long running and ask the user to terminate it.  Nested Closure Oriented Programming I first saw demonstrated by Atsushi Oka as he showed how to produce Key Pairs for the RSA algorithm.  I needed this for MBChat in its secure mode. Unfortunately I found his implementation conflicted with the mootools framework I was using (and seemed to be overly complex for what was needed) so I rewrote it.  This is the resultant framework and reworked libraries used inside MBChat.

Feel free to clone any of these repositories

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