A Video about my Air Hockey software

I have made a video about my Air Hockey game, a web based simulation of an Air Hockey table. I repeat it here, although it is also available on my software applications page

Making a video that works with Flowplayer seemed to be quite a difficult job. In producing the video using linux I tried

  • Cinelerra – wouldn’t show a preview of any of my files
  • Cinelerra-CV – crashed and wouldn’t recover when I added anything complex
  • Kdenlive – refused to display a single image for a video clip of about 30 seconds.
  • Pitivi – crashed doing anything (although to be fair this was in 32 bit mode, and when I tried again after I upgraded my system to 64 bit mode it was a lot more stable)
  • Blender – very limited codecs – had trouble rendering at the transitions (fading didn’t seem to work)
  • Openshot – did seem to crash a lot, particularly when seeking backwards.  I got round it by saving frequently.  This is what I eventually used.

Even after I completed the project, my first rendering attempt produced an mp4 file that flowplayer would not play with any sound.  I had to use ffmpeg to re-encode the audio into aac format (which is should have done in the first place but didn’t)

The other really big problem I struggled with is recording sound created by the software.  In the end I had to record the audio onto an old mp3 player by feeding the output from my sound card into it, and then transfer the resultant mp3 file back to my system and use the video editor to synchronise the audio with the video I had recorded at the same time.  As you can see I didn’t do a very good job.  I was hampered by the fact that the only video editor I could consistently achieve results with was openshot, and it does not display (unlike many of the other video editors)  the audio waveform in the track.  Synchronisation was a trial and error process of moving the track and replaying that part.