Melinda Doolittle’s first CD, Coming Back To You released today

It has been nearly two years since I first mentioned Melinda Doolittle in this blog. During that period I have moved from being someone who just caught someone interesting on the television to being an integral part of her core group of fans. What makes this even more strange, is that the majority of the action is limited to America, and I live near London – in the UK.

But Melinda is magical.

I have (of course) ordered several copies of the CD directly from her web site (doing so provides for a contribution of some of the money to Malaria No More), but I have had an opportunity to listen to the CD before it was released, and all I can say is – that it is brilliant.

There are plenty of reviews out there that will give you the clinical detail of each track, and the positioning of the whole CD as “retro soul”. Indeed, I contributed to one myself, but for me the important thing is that we hear the essence of Melinda Doolittle. As she transformed from a backing vocalist who had to blend in with whatever the situation required into the front of the stage performer she said she was trying to find what her voice sounded like. But to me, she already found it with “My Funny Valentine” on the second week of the show, and just confirmed that experience with the ones that followed (particularly for me; I’ve Got Rhythmn, Have A Nice Day, I Believe in You and Me and finally I’m a WOMAN).

This CD just shows that Melinda now believes she has found it, has have been able to deliver it in spades

Please go get it yourselves – and then you will see what I mean.