Slaiman And Kate Something Strange

I just noticed something strange about the frequency of posts on the WhealthbySlaiman and SlaimanandKate youtube channels.

I’ve been keeping track of the Pranks and Vlogs and since October 2019 there has been at least one Vlog every month, except in February 2021 there were two. But we have not had one since March and its now May, so not a single Vlog in April. The last time a month was missed was September 2019, and actually the blog came out only a day late on the 1st October 2019 with an apology that they hadn’t done one in a while.

As for the pranks, I have only been tracking them since August last year, but you can pretty much guarentee a new prank once a fortnight (sometimes its later in the week before it gets released, but the following one then comes closer). The ratio of Slaiman to Kate pranks is about 3 to 1 (although sometimes there are only two Slaiman pranks between Kates). Slaiman’s last prank was 13th April, only the second in a row following Kate’s “Im Pregnant” prank on Slaiman’s birthday, and this was followed just a week (and a day) later with another prank from Kate.

I can’t believe the pranks actually take place as regularly as clockwork either. It would just be too obvious to the other party that a prank is due. So I wonder if these pranks happen, the video footage saved and then kept in store for the next “release date”. It also seems obvious to me that turning the raw footage into releasable video is a non trivial activity which I expect Slaiman has to do - even if it was Kate’s prank.

But it has now been over two weeks since the last prank, and coupled with the lack of Vlog either, I am thinking this is a little strange.

Preparing for a wedding is great material for a Vlog, but obvously a video of Kate choosing her wedding outfit (or even the reverse and Slaiman choosing his) might not be something you want the other party to see before the wedding. They did both state during the Engagement debrief that they wanted to be able to produce a video on youtube of the wedding itself, but that Kate wanted Slaiman to get someone else to be the camera man. My daughter had a video put together of her wedding and that took a while to come out.

About a month or so ago now I saw a “once only” video on Slaiman’s Instagram channel surveying a wedding venue, and in Slaiman’s last prank on Kate they did both mention that the wedding was soon (Slaiman was pranking Kate by using a “decisions we have to make when married” quiz to say he didn’t want children).

So with my tin foil hat on - have they been getting married and having a honeymoon in the past couple of weeks? Have they been holding off posting anything on the main channel until they get a video. And obviously posting that first before then posting on the Vlog channel the lead up. I may of course be completely wrong - but I couldn't let my though process go by without at least making it into a brief comment on my own web site.

Edit At about 1am in the Morning Saturday 8th May, Slaiman posted another prank video that makes it clear there is a little way to go yet before the wedding (maybe between 1 and 3 months was the sort of implication - he is suggesting remaining celebate until the wedding night). So I am clearly wrong.

Edit 2 9th June 2021 and a new Slaiman and Kate Q and A session is out. In it they explain that they could not book the venue they want in 2021 and so the wedding is in May 2022

I first discuss my thoughts about their youtube presence in this article.