The Enigma Of Slaiman And Kate

I found the Whealth by Slaiman youtube channel in late November 2020 and was immediately hooked on the Pranks being played by Slaiman on his (then) girlfriend Kate. I binge watched the channel and also got pulled into the Slaiman and Kate channel as a natural result. I was intrigued by the relationship between the two and following the video in which Slaiman proposed to Kate and she said “Yes” I subscribed to both channels.

The Puzzle emerges

As I watched more and more of the videos I started to be interested in where they were taking place. How much could I find out, sitting at my computer just outside of London in the UK of what their life in Queensland Australia was like.

My first exploration was the stolen car prank

in which Slaiman arranged for Chrissy to steal Kate’s car from the university car park. So I used Google maps - and more specifically street view to try and work out where Slaiman picked Kate up to first take here to the car park, and then to follow her Stolen car. I was able to track the route and plug it into the directions capability of google maps.

Stolen Car Route
The route taken By Slaiman following the stolen car

Following that I decided to try and find out where some of the other activities took place. My first detective job was to find where Kate lived (when at her parents house). I am not going to state on my public web site exactly where it is - although I found it purely by using information in the public domain, so anyone determined to do so can follow the same route I did. I will just say that its outside of Brisbane with an approximate 40 minute drive, As evidence I offer this satellite view of the house where you can clearly see the swimming pool that Slaiman jumped into at the end of the I’m In Love With My Ex-Girlfriend Prank

Kates Parents House
Satellite view of Kate’s Parents House

You can also see from the street view

Seat in Kate's Parents Garden
Looking at the Seat in Kate’s Parents Garden

the seat where Kate sits at during the Saying Yes to my Boyfried video

the seat she is sitting on when she has the teeshirt

Seat and Teeshirt
The Teeshirt that Slaiman tries to convince Kate is see through

that Slaiman pranked her that it was see-through and Instagram had blocked her account.

You can also see the Veranda where Kate reverse pranked Slaiman about cheating whilst he was in Japan

However - despite what appears to be a fantastic success in sleuthing out where Kate lived, there is still an unresolved issue.

In the video where Slaiman pranked Kate to make here think he had bought her a new car when he hadn’t

I have searched everywhere I can around Kate’s parents house and I cannot find this road. So this starts to raise the first question in my mind. Is what we are being shown the whole truth?

EDIT 19th April 2021. I think I might have been making some seriously bad assumptions here. The Saying yes to my boyfriend video features a piano at the beginning and I think is Kate’s parents house because of the seat. We see the piano again in Reacting to our old couple photos

Were Kate says “Welcome to my house”, and Slaiman explains “We are Kate’s new place”. This video is dated exactly two years ago on the 19th April 2019, just a few weeks after she moved in to William’s (her brother’s) house. I have just worked out that William is a jazz pianist and teaches piano and might explain why the piano didn’t stay at Kate’s parents house when William moved out.

So the assumption that Slaiman went to Kate’s parents house with the car is likely wrong. I have tried looking for this road near Handel Street (see the discussion below), but I can’t find it near their either, so I think my assumption that Kate was living near here might also be wrong.

I am going to ponder on this some more, and perhaps write a further post once I have refined my thoughts.

The plot thickens.

My next task was to try and find out where Slaiman himself was living. The videos don’t offer much evidence. Either the action takes place totally inside, or Slaiman briefs us sitting in his car somewhere.

I started to get some impression that it must be in a South Westerly direction outside of Brisbane because in this video.

They are going into the city from where ever Slaiman picked Kate up from (see below for some thoughts on that). They reach the centre via Coronation Drive.

This was honed down a bit when I was looking for information about Slaiman’s father (I assumed Joseph Akl from his middle name and was following a similar path to finding out where Kate lived). What I found out instead was a company registered in the name of Slaiman was registered in Indooroopilly. I didn’t have an exact address, but it started me looking in that area. What I discovered was that the Indooroopilly McDonald’s was featured in two separate videos:-

Saying Yes to my girlfriend for a day

Blowing your Girlfriends Mind Prank

where in both of these (the view out the back window in the second one is the view 180 deg around from the first) feature this McDonald’s

Indooroopilly McDonald's
Indooroopilly McDonald’s

I started to look around the area for signs that could help me hone in on things a bit. My first breakthrough came when I went searching for the place where Slaiman actually bought Kate a car.

Slaiman is Parked here when Kate tries to test drive her new car

and then later in the same video I found out where he parked the car with a bow on it.

Which is here

New Car
Where the car with the bow on it is parked - the end of Jacaranda Place

So for a long time, I was convinced that the place where Slaiman rented a property was close by. He had said to Kate as the left the car dealership “Alright, just go home then I guess” and then just as he was going down Jacaranda Place he said “I just want to go down here before I pull up to the house.”.

Now even this little bit of evidence doesn’t seem quite right. Jacaranda place is quite a long road with two turns in it and the car was at the very end. The video makes it appear that Kate is totally engrossed in her phone and the drive down Jacaranda place takes just a few seconds. If it is as long as it is, surely she would be puzzled long before the end as to why Slaiman was not going back to the house.

Is what we are being shown the whole truth?

Finally in this video as they leave Slaimans house there is the view of a yellow house with green guttering

I have searched all over for that house and I cannot find it anywhere. There is possible a house in Castille Street that I mention further down this post. However the closest I have found is this

House with Green guttering
A weirdly shaped house with Green Guttering on the corner of Dennis Road and Harts Road

Which is very similar, but doesn’t seem to have the garage in quite the right place.

The was an interesting bit of evidence from the Making my boyfriend jealous prank

Stairs out of Slaimans House

Showing that Slaiman’s place is above ground level and that stairs come out and would go to the left looking at the house from the front. The other thing to note is that every time the door opens there is quite a bit of noise from passing traffic, implying that it was on a main road.

Here is where the real puzzle starts. In the Break up Prank turns into Proposal gone wrong video

Kate is parked outside Slaiman’s house next to a fence which is quite distinct. I have searched in almost every road in and around Indooroopilly and there is only one fence I can see that is remotely like it.

Break up prank
Possible house Kate is sitting out in break up prank

But this is a quiet side road and there is no way that opening the front door of his house would result in the traffic noise that we regularly hear.

Is what we are being shown the whole truth?

But also there is some more evidence that contradicts this as being the location. In the Going on a Dating Show prank

Dating Show 1
Kate waiting in Car outside of Slaiman’s House with a tree

Kate has just got in the car outside Slaiman’s house, waiting for Slaiman to arrive, and I have tracked that down to

Dating Show 1
Street view where Kate waiting in Car outside of Slaiman’s House

And then as he starts to drive to take her to the show she tells him its a prank and the car comes to a halt right outside here:-

Dating Show 2
49 Gilgandra Street

The road (Gilgandra Street) is not a main through road either and I couldn’t imagine the level of road noise that we hear.

So we have 2 potential locations for Slaiman’s rented house and none of them quite fit the evidence we have. So I have to ask again, Is what we are being shown the whole truth?

And now it gets Really Soupy

So a possible location is somewhere in Gilgandra Street. And to make it more interesting that is not far away from Jacaranda Place mentioned above. But there is something else that is important. In between those two locations there is Handel Street.

This video starts off at this place

Kate's new car
Kate in her new car outide No 2 Handel Street

This house is next door to the property you can see on the left

Waiting for Kate
Waiting for Kate 4 Handel Street
Waiting for Kate Tree
Waiting for Kate 4 Handel Street with the odd shaped tree

There are many videos with Slaiman waiting to pick up Kate in this road. At first I had assumed it was Slaiman’s House because in the Paying off my Girlfriends College Debt video, Slaiman says he has to go inside to get something.

but I am more and more convinced that this could have been where Kate lived with her Brother. One thing that makes me think that this could be the case would be more recently when they had moved into their new apartment in the city, the Dating Other Girls PRANK on Fiancée! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! video

Slaiman seems to be picking up Kate from somewhere close by (see later in the video - it looks like Handel Street again), but in the briefing just as the “Cyclists Roll Past”, I think Slaiman is parked here

Tinder Briefing
Briefing where the Cylists Roll Past outside 190 Harts Road

I think Harts road may feature again. In the video in which Slaiman suprises Kate with their new home he says Kate has been staying at her parents. During the drive back and before he gets to their house he stops and asks her to put on a blind fold. The palm trees are very distinctive.

I went down every road I could think of in Google Street View, pretending to drive back from Kate’s parents house back to Indooroopilly. And I couldn’t find those palm trees anywhere. Until I noticed this view in Harts road

Cover those Eyes
Cover those Eyes

which include those very same distinctive palm trees (Obviously in street view you cannot stop precisely at the same location, but the view is close enough the same to make me believe it is here). However there is a serious problem with this. There is no rationale for travelling in this direction down Harts Road when coming from Kate’s Parents house. The only way to be facing this way is to have turned right out of Indooroopilly Road headed back towards Indooroopilly. In essence this is the third side of driving round a triangle. Furthermore, from here to where their new apartment is (I haven’t been able to precisely locate it, but Kate’s instagram posts hint at it being in James Street in Fortitude Valley and that is consistent with their engagment party having taken place in Cloudland and Slaiman and Kate going on their first date at The Rabbit Hole.) would be a long drive whereas all the appearences is that Slaimans house is close by.

Is what we are being shown the whole truth?

By now I have travelled all around Indooroopilly in Google Street View quite a lot and have been able to locate a few more places where Slaiman has briefed us.

In the We’re Getting Married PRANK on Girlfriend! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! video

Slaiman briefs us outside 12 Castille Street (15 is on the left and appears at the begining), later in the video the camera shows us the drive way entrance in the right (which I think is No 12).

Getting Married Pranks
Castille Street where the video takes place

Interestingly just a little further up the street is this property.

The Yellow House
Is this the Yellow House in the Buying Kate a Car?

It does look some much like the House at the begining of Buying Kate a Car except for the fact that the guttering colouring and garage wall covering are wrong. Of course the colours may have changed since the Street View was produced - it is a bit of a side road and there isn’t any expectation that google would renew the view often.

Another good source of evidence is the Home BREAK IN PRANK on Girlfriend! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!

Firstly right at the start of the video, Slaiman is again sitting outside of 4 Handel Street. It makes me think that whilst Kate was at his house waiting for him to come home, Slaiman had gone to Kates house to pass the day there rather than go to work.

However just before Kate Leaves he has moved to a different location. It looks like a sports field or something on the left and a brown slatted fence behind. Slaiman then obviously enters his house by a back door. Now if Slaiman actually lived on Gilgandra street, I can imagine a back entrance from inside St Peters Lutheran College (College Drive?). Unfortunately since, I presume, this is private property there is no street view inside the college grounds. From the Satellite view its difficult to see because there are so many trees, but maybe there is a little pointer to Gilgandra Street again.

By this time I was pretty confused as to where Slaiman might have lived. But for the payment of a small fee ($9 AUD) I was able to locate the precise location of the registered location of his company. I am not going to say exactly where it is, but this is a picture from the outside

Registered Address
Slaiman’s Company Address

Notice how it appears there is a BMW 1 Series Parked inside. However I do not believe that this is where Slaiman lives. The outside stairs all go the wrong way.
However I do assume that his income from Youtube is substantial and it would make sense to pass the revenue through a company where (if its anything like the UK) you can claim expenses for the costs of creating the videos as a legitimate business expense.


I am pretty convinced that the pranks are real. Just look at this recent prank where Slaiman convinces Kate that he doesn’t ever want to have children.

Those tears are real - they drop down from her eyes on to her top and start staining it. There is no way that is just acting.

But remember that videos are made from lots of clips strung together in a computer program. Time can be shifted and clips inserted in the wrong order. If something didn’t work quite right or it needs a bit of emphasis then it can be filmed later and inserted and we would be none the wiser.

I would also say that I am relying quite heavily on Google Street View. It is clear to me that some of the locations were filmed some time ago - there are a few places around the area that don’t have coverage. Also, as I have discovered throughout this process, my own assumptions of what is happening in the video can influence the conclusion I come to - and often I have realised that my assumption was totally wrong.

So I would just like some the views of people with other perspectives to comment and drop me an email with their view. (I am not posting my email here, for an email scammer to scrape off the web site, but anyone with a small amount of sleuthing skills can easily find a way to get in touch). In the meantime I will continue to explore the evidence and see if I can learn anything new.