Why I Think Michael Schumacher Was Dangerous In Hungary

It was a controversial move that Michael Schumacher pulled on Rubens Barachello at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2010. I looked at the video quite carefully and managed to extract four images in sequence that show precisely what happend

The first picture shows Ruben right behind Michael, and you can see Michaels head tipped to one side as he is checking his mirrors. Also notice that at this point they are both a long way from the pit wall (on our left, their right).

formula1 image 1
In the Slipstream

The second picture Rubens has started to pull alongside Michael, and has plenty of room to spare on his right to make the pass.

formula1 image 2
Pulling alongside

In the third picture Rubens is still not ahead, but his front wheels are certainly ahead of Michaels back wheels. At the same time there is now not much more than a cars width for Rubens to get through. What would be dangerous now would be for him to back off as there would be quite a change that his front wheels and Michael’s back wheels touching, with disastrous results. Notice also Michaels right hand side wheels are over half a cars width from the white line denoting the edge of the track. Also Rubens has about half a cars width between him and the wall.

formula1 image 2
Almost alongside

Finally as Rubens just squeezes through you can see how much more Michael has moved over on him. The right hand side of Michaels car is now almost touching the white line as Rubens has had to move further to his right. So much so that there is probably about 10cm between him and the wall.

formula1 image 4
10cm from the wall!

To my mind that clearly is very dangerous driving by Michael, and it is fortunate that nothing happened. What do you think?.