Akc Money Revisited

AKC Money is a personal finance management application. It allows users to create accounts, and transactions to and from these accounts, maintaining a balance in each of the accounts. Transactions can be single one off entities, or can be repeating on a range of time-frames.

Transactions can be between accounts – this may be actual cash movements, or just notional movements allowing for tracking of finances in virtual accounts (for instance loans to family members that you expect to get repaid).

Transactions normally take place in a default (local) currency, but both transactions and accounts may be nominated to be in any currency. A default currency conversion rate is maintained between currencies, but any single transaction can adjust the rate used when its actual value is known. A particular transaction may be used to adjust the default value that is used in future transactions.

The application is web/ajax based with updates to the database being undertaken behind the scenes. The server runs PHP connected to an sqlite database

NOTE: this project is a re-implementation of the java based software that is no longer maintained, but which I refered to here.