CSS Holy Grail

I just saw the article In Search of the Holy Grail about how to get a three column site to work reliably in CSS.

I tried some of the concepts in it on some static content, and it works really nicely – even if I only have a two column page and I set the right hand column width to 0.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to try and migrate my pages into this form. I have started internally to do this, and slowly you should see some alterations here as they get introduced.

I am coupling that with a complete rething about how the border component should work with the tapestry apps on this site, because I would like to be able to submit forms via the menu in the blue menu area at the top, and at the moment I can’t. This will delay things a bit, because I have taken the border component to pieces and need to put it back together again:-)

Watch this space