Its Been A While

It has been a while since I last made a blog entry. Over the past couple of weeks I have been re-instating my web site and collecting the old blog entries and posting them again. I am now up to date with that, and free to continue with some entries that are fresh and new.

After a lot of difficult decisions, I have decided to repeat building my site using Drupal, something I was using before when it was a proper site. I am currently running this site on a Sheeva Plug with an SD card for the disk, and this is a little underpowered for the job it has to do and has also proved unreliable (the unit I purchased last November blew up with a power supply problem – and the word around is that I am not unique in finding this to be the case). I have found the machine “locking up” more than once – which normally doesn’t happen with linux.

So. I will shortly be reverting to a normal PC has my web server (once some ordered parts arrive and I have installed them) and whilst the power consumption will be greater (the reason for the Sheevaplug was to reduce power) I am afraid it is a necessity.

I still have to sort out problems with my photo albums, but I think I know how to deal with that and will be fixing the problems over the next week or so.