Allowing Syntax Highlighting in Comments

I have installed the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to allow me to post snippets of code to my blog.  However (as far as I can tell) it does not natively support allowing syntax highlighting in comments.  As I was reviewing the old posts pulled in from my Drupal site, and in particular the comments that I had made to update some of the older posts, I realised that I had quoted code in them which would be useful to also highlight.  I decided that I would try and add the facility for syntax highlighting to be added to comments in a simple way as possible.

I noticed that that way highlighting seemed to work is that it adds a construct to the <pre> tags that delineate the code that should be highlighted of “class=brush:lang;” where lang is the particular language we are highlighting for.  I felt this was a little complex for comments to include in their “semi” html markup,  but that it should be simple enough for them to add <pre lang=”lang”> as a construct.

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