An Internet Clan Became Friends On The Internet

It was in the summer that we at Melinda’s Backups first came up with the idea of a party for the backups to attend and get to meet each other for the first time. As fans of Melinda Doolittle we had only talked on the internet, following our favourite artist, but never meeting.

Then someone noticed that she was doing a benefit concert for The Boiler Room a small theatre in her home town where she used to perform. Someone else said they would get VIP tickets to go, and the first trickles of an avalanche were born. Slowly but surely more people said they would go. My friends suggested I consider coming from England and I told them it was too expensive, but one morning I actually looked up what a flight and hotel for a long weekend would be, and I realised I could afford it.

When the American’s heard a “Brit” was coming the momentum gathered, and another Brit (Gale) joined me and someone from Hawaii decided they were coming too.

So in the end 40 of Melinda’s Backups joined her at her first concert in Franklin Tennessee, and a fabulous party took place afterwards, where our idol came to join her family.

Selected Pictures from the Weekend