Happy New 2007 To Everyone

A Happy New Year to everybody out there.

I thought the Christmas break would allow me to take the next step in taking this web site forward. How wrong that turned out to be. Despite being off work from the 16th December to the 1st January inclusive, other things intervened and I have made no progress what so ever.

Before Christmas I ended up concentrating on two things:-

  • Preparing for Christmas day
  • Helping my eldest daughter move in to her new flat

For some months now by daughter has been in the process of buying a flat (with a friend she has known since she was 4 – its just too expensive in the London area to manage to buy something on your own unless you are already wealthy), and on the Tuesday before Christmas the purchase was complete.

And I guess that is the start of a new phase of my life that I had never really realised was going to happen to me, despite looking back on it and realising that it had happened to my wife’s father. If you live close enough (and we do – its just 20 minutes drive away) you become the general odd job man and DIY teacher. It started with the curtains which meant taking down the old curtain pole and replacing it with curtain track – which had to be mounted on batten – which had to be painted – and the holes needed to be filled in on the wall where the old pole had been. And that was just the first few visits.

Next weekend I have to go into the loft and clear out a wasps nest.