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Trip To Perth

In May 2005, at a days notice, I had to go an work in Perth, Australia for 6 weeks. This is the story of how I got there.

A Proud Dad

It was just last week that my youngest daughter got offered a job at Bar Honda Formula 1 team and which she will start in only a few weeks

A Comment On Politics

With the UK general election upon us, I decided to reflect on my feelings about politics in general, and the problem I have about how to vote. Although I am ...

Open File Formats

The state of Massachusetts is defining that all government documents should be in an open format. Quite right too. Any government department should ensure th...

Backup And Archiving At Home

I have several computers at home, and it is important that they are properly backed up in order to not lose data. I want to show an example of how this is do...