Being A Proud Father

My daughter called me yesterday to say that she had been offered a job at Red Bull Formula 1 team. This is a follow on from the previous post about being a proud father.

But as I came to consider what I should write here a thought crossed my mind. I am just as proud of my other daughter, and yet she hasn’t had events that have moved me to consider posting on here.

The reality is, that it isn’t the event itself that makes you proud, its the situation that they are in. My other daughter makes me proud because she has become an independent young lady, who has got herself on the property ladder by having the courage and energy to make it happen. This wasn’t just one event, but a string of small steps, each of which didn’t inspire me to come here and write.

So I don’t intend to say anymore about the event. I am proud of both my daughters because of where they have got, not because of the steps that they took to get there!