Cluedo Detective Notes

I made a pdf of Cluedo Detective Notes which you can download from here. Although it has 16 pages, you don’t need to print all of them. Just print out the...

The Enigma Of Slaiman And Kate

I found the Whealth by Slaiman youtube channel in late November 2020 and was immediately hooked on the Pranks being played by Slaiman on his (then) girlfrien...

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Time For A New Pc

I have been on the lookout for a small computer case to replace my aging cube case. The front panel had stopped working, so using it was somewhat awkward wh...

The Making of a Remote Audio Recorder

Pi Record is an application to record audio files from microphones. I am developing it primarily to record from a Blue Yeti USB microphone and from a Focusri...

My New Piano Arrived

I have recently taken delivery of my new Baby Grand Piano, a lovely Feurich 162. This is the story about how it came about.

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Allowing Syntax Higlighting In Comments

I have installed the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to allow me to post snippets of code to my blog. However (as far as I can tell) it does not natively s...

Site Cutover Completed

As you can see, I have now managed to make this site go live. Copying from the system running on my desktop, to the production version couldn’t have been eas...

Switching To Wordpress

As will shortly become apparent as this blog goes live (I am currently editing posts on my test system, but intend to include the posts I am making whilst I ...

Typing a © Symbol

I was trying to type a copyright symbol (©) in Gimp in order to add a watermark to a photograph. I found this quick tip which I would like to share.

Keeping My Personal Data Backup Up

I just read a post on Slashdot asking the question of how to keep personal data safe. The questioner had just returned from Mexico with lots (he said 16GB w...

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Webkit Developers Know Best?

In a web application that I am building I need to use a multiple selection <select> list. Because screen space is limited I decided I would set the si...

Its Been A While

It has been a while since I last made a blog entry. Over the past couple of weeks I have been re-instating my web site and collecting the old blog entries an...

Akc Money Revisited

AKC Money is a personal finance management application. It allows users to create accounts, and transactions to and from these accounts, maintaining a balanc...

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Playing With Google Analytics

I have been playing with Google Analytics over the past few days to try and understand better who actual access to my web sites are happening.

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Melinda’s Backups Goes Live

At 4:45 yesterday afternoon (UK time) a supportive association to support Melinda Doolittle opened its web site for membership. I have had the privilege of w...

Being A Proud Father

My daughter called me yesterday to say that she had been offered a job at Red Bull Formula 1 team. This is a follow on from the previous post about being a p...

An Update On Asterisk

This is just a quick blog entry to note that I now have a working environment of a local telephone system, including three telephones inside the house and tw...

Playing With Asterisk

Asterisk is the Open Source PBX software that can manage telephone lines. As well as the classical hardware phones, more importantly for me, it also manages ...

Update to Tomcat 5.5

Last night I updated the underlying server for this web site from Tomcat5 to Tomcat5.5

Will Leona Lewis Last?

I feel emotionally drained. I have spent the weekend reviewing the various recordings on the net of Leona Lewis’s performance on the X-Factor, and trying to ...

Next Steps with UserMgr

As the last article hinted, I had hoped to move forward with the web site. The next stage is an update to my UserMgr application.

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Lewis Hamilton driving for McLaren

On Friday, McLaren announced that Lewis Hamilton would be driving in Formula 1 next year, driving alongside Fernando Alonso. Having seen Lewis Hamilton drive...

Recording My Day In History

Yesterday I recorded my day for history at history matters. It was the day the parts for my new computer arrived, but as a reflection of todays times, it was...

Disaster Strikes

I ought to know better, there are loads of sayings that I should take heed of.

CSS Holy Grail

I just saw the article In Search of the Holy Grail about how to get a three column site to work reliably in CSS.

Having fun with GIT

It was just yesterday morning that a light came on in my head and I understood just what the index file was for in git. It seemed to strip away the fear that...

AKC Money is Born

At work I got my new laptop last October. But I couldn’t get my Palm Pilot to Sync with it, so was getting increasingly worried that my data, particularly my...

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A Little Test Java V Php

I was curious as to the relative speeds on Java versus PHP. So I created a couple of simple applications (see below).

Ibatis V Hibernate

For those that have been following the “Taking the Java plunge” series, you will note that I have chosen iBatis as the framework to use with the database. By...

Trip To Perth

In May 2005, at a days notice, I had to go an work in Perth, Australia for 6 weeks. This is the story of how I got there.

A Proud Dad

It was just last week that my youngest daughter got offered a job at Bar Honda Formula 1 team and which she will start in only a few weeks

A Comment On Politics

With the UK general election upon us, I decided to reflect on my feelings about politics in general, and the problem I have about how to vote. Although I am ...

Open File Formats

The state of Massachusetts is defining that all government documents should be in an open format. Quite right too. Any government department should ensure th...

Backup And Archiving At Home

I have several computers at home, and it is important that they are properly backed up in order to not lose data. I want to show an example of how this is do...

A New Vision For The Desktop

As I start to write this article at the end of March 2005 I have in my head a partially formed vision for how to improve the usability of the Personal Comput...

Software Patients Are Bad For Europe

Since man first invented the wheel, society moves forward technologically by inventors standing on the shoulders of those who came before. This advance in ou...

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Debuging Is My Pleasure

About a month ago I decided the time had come to find out why, when I attempted to blank a cd in my cd rewriter, cdrecord (the program I was using to do this...

Wysiwyg v wysiwym

I was thinking the other day about the way we produced documents in the mid 1980’s. It was kicked off by hp setting up a competition to find the oldest laser...

My Open Source Philosophy

It may seem strange that someone who has made his living for over 35 years in the software business, with at least 15 of those years in charge of a product f...

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Grand Prix Legends

Grand Prix Legends has been the game that has kept me glued to the computer for hours at a time. I started out just driving solo, but once I had discovered o...

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